There are seven of us in the Downs family. Chuck and Kimberli, and daughters Lauren, Kayleigh, Piper, Aubree and Addisyn. We also have six grandchildren.

For years now, we have simply hung lights on the house in a very simple fashion. Since Chuck retired in early 2007, his engineering brain needed something to do, so obviously Christmas lights were the next frontier to conquer! 

Special thanks go out to Shane Davidson, who has spent 'mega-tree' day at the Downs household for the past seven years weilding a sledge hammer for about 6 straight hours! It would be significantly more difficult without his help.

Why do we do this?

2 reasons mainly. First, about 2000 years ago our Lord gave us the greatest gift imaginable..... the gift of eternal life! This is a simple way of saying 'Thank You' to the Lord. No amount of work on this display could ever compare to his sacrifice. What's a few lights compared to the gift of salvation?

Second, Christmas memories are timeless, and we want to create special memories for our community. We don't really know why, but the combination of lights and music create a lasting memory for everybody who has seen the display.

What is our display like? 

Our display is similar to a drive-in movie. There is absolutely no cost to get in! When you come in, you pull off into the field on your right. Feel free to go out as far as you'd like! There are several trees in the field to avoid, so be careful. You tune your radio to 107.1 FM and enjoy the lights and great music!

We ask that when parked at the display, you turn your headlights off for the best viewing experience, and so you don't disrupt others watching. 

Also, please do not walk through the display as it is a safety hazard. There are cords connecting everything together, and one small trip could not only hurt you, but damage the display. 

Thank you for your cooperation, and we hope you make it out to the display and have a great time!