Off to the left of the display towards the exit, we have set up a drop-box for canned food and another drop-box for cash donations for the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. This is one of the largest food banks in the entire country, covering 53 counties in Oklahoma alone!

Remember, each dollar donated generates 5 meals from the Food Bank due to their immense buying power!

The past 2017 season ended with 6,520 pounds of food, and $38,649.70 in cash. This has pushed us close to the 2 million meal mark since we started taking donations back in 2008. This is all thanks to our wonderful community!

The final totals for the 2016 season were 9,444 pounds of food, and $33,019 in cash.

2015 donations totaled to 9,021 pounds of food, and $35,522.02 in cash. 

2014 finished up with a whopping $43,366.57 in cash, and an additional 10,977 pounds of food. Since 2008, the display and the massive community support have raised a total of $209,821and 62,865 pounds of food, which has provided more than 1.1 million meals for hungry Oklahomans!

2013 was another great year for donations, with cash totals of $38,002.82 and 9,588 pounds of food.

Record-breaking totals for 2012 were 10,318 pounds of food and $40,794.38 in cash! This is all due to our incredible support from Oklahomans, as well as a few special out-of-state visitors to the display. All donations are from private individuals, which makes this even more awesome!

Final totals for 2011 were 7,391 pounds of food and cash donations totalling $37,208.31. In total, this generated 270,066 meals. Even though the weight of donated food was less than the previous year, the cash total more than compensates for the defecit. 

The grand totals for 2010 were 8,860 pounds of food, and a total cash donation of $32,359.89! Together, this provided  233,334 individual meals, which is almost twice as many meals as the previous year, and over 28 times the number of meals produced in 2008!

2009 donations totaled 9,891 pounds of food with cash donations totalling $17,492.65. Altogether in 2009, the community generated 130,171 meals for the Regional Food Bank.

The first year we began taking donations (2008) visitors to the show donated 5,140 pounds of food, and $598 cash. The cash was particularly impressive, considering we weren't officially accepting money. This added up to 8,201 individual meals.